Burberry HQ London

D2 Experience

D2 Integrated were awarded the prestigious refurbishment project for the iconic Burberry HQ in London! With 10 floors including a stunning atrium, our team installs an Advanced with Apollo protocol, complete with fire beams across the atrium for a fully compliant L1 system as per BS5839-1:2017 standards. To ensure a smooth transition, D2IS provided a temporary wireless Synergy range system.

Project Overview

Burberry’s London headquarters blend classic British architecture with modern design. The façade showcases elegant lines and contemporary elements, symbolising the brand’s timeless style. Inside, open-plan layouts foster collaboration, complemented by Burberry’s signature motifs and colours. Sustainability features prominently, with eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient systems. This architectural fusion creates a dynamic yet sophisticated environment, epitomising Burberry’s commitment to innovation, creativity, and responsible practices.

Life Safety Systems Integrated to:

ASD panels
Fire dampers
Lighting control
Access control
Auto doors
Smoke curtains